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The #1 Software Suite for Geo Design

Ground Loop Design (GLD) 2016 Edition is the leading software suite for designing geothermal ground source heat pump systems. Used in more than 60 countries, GLD is the tool of choice for leading engineering and design firms focused on efficiency in the built environment.

What is GLD Software?

GLD is an integrated suite of powerful, flexible and customizable tools for designing commercial and residential closed loop ground source heat pump systems.

img Unsurpassed Power GLD offers design power to ensure that your geothermal system is properly sized and offers efficient operational performance year after year.

img Exceptional Control With GLD, you have total control to customize and modify vertical, horizontal, surface water and hybrid systems.

img Fast Optimization Design, iterate and optimize in only a few minutes. Conduct a life-cycle analysis and then you're done.

The versatility of GLD allows for us to maximize loop field performance.

MEP Associates

I was told that GLD was the best design software tool during my CGD training 3 years ago. It’s my daily tool.

Anastasios Christoforides, Mechanical & Civil Engineer, Greece

GLD is a must-have tool for an engineering firm involved in the design of geothermal systems.

BBA Engineering

GLD can help you:

  • Select mechanical equipment
  • Calculate boring requirements
  • Determine pipe lengths/layouts
  • Optimize piping configurations
  • Ensure efficient circ pumping
  • Design optimized headers
  • Estimate lifecycle costs (LCC)
  • Predict C02 emissions saved
  • Design stable systems
  • Satisfy customers

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